Sitemap - 2023 - Vietnam Weekly

Real Estate Limps Into 2024

A Most Difficult Year

All-In On Chips

A Vietnam Weekly Update

VinFast's China & India Connections

Xi's Long-Rumored Visit

One Step Closer to JETP

The Cần Giờ Megaport Push

The VTP/SCB Fallout Continues

The Two-Track Economy

The $12.5 Billion Heist

Paving Over Paradise

VinFast's Relentless Ambitions

Deadly Buses Under the Microscope

Will FLC & Bamboo Air Survive?

Phú Quốc's Rapid Decline

The Social Insurance Conundrum

Bamboo Diplomacy at Work

Vạn Thịnh Phát's Grand Mess

VinFast: Everything, Everywhere, All At Once

Going Green Without China?

Picturing HCMC's Future

Can the Economy Finish 2023 Strong?

The Fire's Aftermath

Vietnam's Energy Conundrum

Hanoi's Tragic Inferno

Biden Visits Hanoi

Development v. Environment

Looking Ahead to Biden's Visit

Sand, Land, Test Kits and Trees

HCMC's Airports Take Off

The Global Minimum Tax Debate

VinFast Hits Wall Street

Mountains of Waste

Real Estate's Long Hibernation

New Highways in Trouble

The Rescue Flights Trial Ends

VinFast's Factory Groundbreaking

The Struggle to Build Continues

The Rescue Flight Trial Begins

The Crumbling Mekong Delta

The 'Barbie' Ban

VinFast's IPO is Coming

HCMC's Halting Progress

An Anti-Corruption Update

The Dak Lak Aftermath

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The Attack in Dak Lak

The Social Housing Struggle

Power Outages Hammer the North

The Economic Downturn Bites

Is Ho Chi Minh City in Decline?

The Energy Crunch Arrives

PDP8, at Long Last!

VinFast's Rotten Day

Possible Power Shortages

The Disbursement Disaster

Vingroup Doubles Down on VinFast

Infamous Muong Thanh in Trouble

VinFast Ships More EVs to America

The Fall of Dr. Thanh

Hoi An's U-Turn

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Vietnam's Economic Engine Slows

The 'Rescue Flight' Scandal Ends

The 'Blazing Furnace' Burns On

Is Le Loi Getting a Roof?

Vingroup's Latest Moves

Ho Chi Minh City's Confounding Paralysis

The Vehicle Registration Crisis

What Are Sidewalks For?

Layoffs, Medical Shortages, and Debt Collectors

The New President

International Tourism's Lost Year

No Rescue for Real Estate

Saving the Property Sector

Who's Next?

VinFast's US Troubles Continue

Waiting for a President

Scandals Rumble On

VinFast's Rough Start in America

A Political Earthquake